Kim Jackson Martial Arts - We teach a fun, safe and easy to learn martial arts program
"For those lucky enough to study with her, Kim Jackson is a Godsend.  For nearly 18 years, she has trained all three of my boys, not only in self defense, but in responsibility, respect and self confidence.  Her Martial Arts expertise is rivaled only by her level of caring towards her students.  Mrs. Jackson is unmistakably tough-but behind that lies a heart of gold.  none of my boys would be who they are without her."
                            Kelly DiRoma,Graphic Artist
"My daughter has been a student of Kim Jackson's for nearly two years.  After trying other martial arts courses, we found this one to be the best.  Using humor, positive reinforcement, and a gentle touch, Kim keeps the kids on track to becoming the best martial artists they can be.  Kim Jackson also stresses good behavior, respect, persistence and goal attainment-qualities that are important to the overall development of my child.  Her classes quickly fill up due to her popularity as a teacher." 
Jane A., MD
"Julia has been doing Tae Kwon Do for seven years.  She has learned self confidence and discipline.  Her body and mind have been strengthened.  Working side by side with her instructor is turning her into a team leader.  Focusing in class has helped her tremendously with focusing in school.  Not only her physical strength has grown, but also her mental strength.  We have spent numerous hours watching her in class.  Mrs. Jackson has shown tremendous patience with Julia and with all of her others students throughout the years and is to be commended."
Lori and Bill Green
Database Analyst, Morton Plant Hospital
Operations Manager, Advanced Protection Technologies
"Kim Jackson began training my daughter Haley since age six.  She is currently fifteen, and has achieved the rank of 2nd Degree Black Belt.  Kim's focus in teaching children the Principles of Black Belt-Modesty, Courtesy, Integrity, Self Control, Perseverance, and Indomitable Spirit-have enabled Haley to become a modest leader in school, church, and all of her activities.  She continues her focus on health, and physical fitness, and has the spirit to keep challenging herself in all that she does.  Her training with Kim has enabled her to become who she is today, with the tools that will continue to help her throughout her life."
Karen K.